ZMI-Audio   -   Cephei 20.2          Open baffle loudspeaker system.

Zegers Music Innovations was founded in 2016 and is located in Breda, The Netherlands.  The goal of ZMI-audio is  to offer an open baffle loudspeaker system which can compete with world’s most delicate speaker systems.  ZMI claims to be ultra coherent with a linear equalisation. The system produces a very extended low frequency  and  is able to display a large three dimensional image of music.

Cephei 20.2 is designed for playing in rooms 20/100m2. An damping option on the rear will even give more precise stereo projection of the original signal in difficult acoustic situations in small or midsize rooms.

Cephei 20.0 can be delivered in standard black/white high gloss finish but also available in different colours hand made on order.

Ordering or information:  info@zmi-audio.com



System Type 3-Way system, Open Baffle Bass, Open Baffle / Sealed Midrange-High
Impedance 6 Ohm
Weight 45kg
Tweeter 1 x 25 mm, 1.0 inch
Midrange 1 x 165 mm, 6.5 inch
Woofer 4 x 260 mm, 10.0 inch
Product dimensions (176cm x 41cm x 41cm)  / (70" x 16" x 16")
Frequency Response 25 – 25.000 Hz (+/- 3dB)
Power Handling 80-130 Watts (Long Term)
  200 Watts (Short Term)
Sensivity 88 dB on 4 ohm
Finish Standard Black High Gloss/ White High Gloss, non standard: on custumer wish (+500-1000 euro)
Bi-Amplifiering Tube amplifier powers Mid + High range, Class D or A / AB powers Lowrange.
Power Handling Bi-Amped 8-12 Watts tube ampification midrange + high range, 200 watt amplification low range.
Sensivity Bi-Amped 93 db on 8 ohm Tube – mid/high range, 88 dB lowrange.